Everyone Deserves a Good Pair of Shoes

Because a good pair of shoes can help someone step out of poverty.


Shoe Distribution Program

When someone doesn’t have shoes, it’s not just their feet that suffer.

Vulnerable to disease

Every day millions are exposed to unsanitary conditions that can lead to sickness, even death.

Unable to attend school

Children often don’t meet uniform requirements in order to attend school and are unable to receive an education.

Loss of dignity

Without something as basic as a good pair of shoes, people often feel hopeless and discouraged.

A pair of shoes can actually change someone’s life.


When we met Lucas he had been wearing the same shoes for the last three years with hardly any sole. Lucas and his mom walked for an hour and a half to get him a new pair of shoes so he may attend school again.


Abraham is a special needs student who works part-time at a local grocery store. He brings home his pay for the family, and there are times when he can only keep $20 of it. Abraham was so happy when he received his new sneakers; he said he felt cool and hip.


Stanley has been blind for seventeen years following his military service. Stanley lost all of his shoes and clothing in a recent house fire leaving him with only what he had on that day. He said receiving new shoes meant the world to him since he walks three to five miles a day.

Together, we can help people get back on their feet.

Here’s how it works:

Soles4Souls procures new shoe and clothing donations from retailers and manufacturers.

Shoes and clothing are sent to Soles4Souls for processing. The product is sorted and made ready for distribution.

Registered nonprofit partners such as churches, shelters and disaster relief organizations work with Soles4Souls to receive much-needed shoes and clothing.

The donated product is distributed to those who need it most. The gift of new shoes and clothing help men, women and children live healthier, happier lives.

One Dollar = One Pair

See how new shoes bring big smiles all around the world.