Providing shoes and clothing to
people in need, when they need it most.

Helping people recover from natural disaster as they begin
to rebuild their lives.


Disaster Relief Program

A natural disaster can be devastating, especially for those already in need.

Loss of belongings

A natural disaster can leave families and individuals with nothing, including basic necessities such as shoes and clothing.

Loss of dignity

Without shoes and clothing, many won’t have the basics they need to attend work or school.

Loss of hope

For people who live on the margins, a disaster can set them back even further leaving them feeling hopeless and discouraged.

Together, we can help people get back on their feet.

Here’s how it works:

Soles4Souls procures new shoe and clothing donations from retailers and manufacturers.

Shoes and clothing are sent to Soles4Souls for processing. The product is sorted and made ready for distribution.

Registered nonprofit partners such as churches, shelters and disaster relief organizations work with Soles4Souls to receive much-needed shoes and clothing.

The donated product is distributed to those who need it most. The gift of new shoes and clothing help men, women and children live healthier, happier lives.

Disaster Relief in Action

Learn how new shoes help provide new opportunities for people in Puerto Rico, affected by Hurricane Maria.